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Amyy 20 Mexican.


how long can you hold your
                              B R E A T H ?


We get out now, or we die trying.


Groot + Terran music : before and after

It’s okay.

Linkin Park - Final Masquerade

Good to hear.”

Orphan Black places in season 2

Groot was just trying to help (◕‿◕✿)


the way he looks at her. ◕ ‿ ◕。


Hannibal cinematography: time lapse

Time lapse is a technique in which the frequency at which frames are captured is lower than the frequency at which they are viewed, giving the impression of time flying by. Executive Producer David Slade describes the use of time lapse for establishing location shots as a deliberate choice to invoke uncertainty in the audience. Such shots suggest an ambiguity over the passage of time, so that the viewer is unsure how much time has passed between scenes. [x]

Screencap Meme: Khan + tickles my pickle || asked by anonymous

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