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Amyy 20 Mexican.

Why so serious funny?

me: this show is so fucked up
me: *continues watching*


The 2nd Law Era ends tonight

I remember waiting on the BBC radio stream to hear Survival nearly two years ago with everyone in the Muse fandom here and we were all so excited for it

I remember listening to the leak of the album at like 1 in the morning and being the happiest I’d been in ages

I saw the best concert of my life

My favorite band played at the fucking Olympics

We got the most goddamn ridiculous music video ever created

And it ends tonight.


Tomorrow is Record Store Day! Be sure to hit up your local independent record stores to pick up some exclusive releases including Fun.’s 10” pressing of Point And Light and Paramore’s ‘Ain’t It Fun.’

Find out how you can win a signed copy of Paramore’s 2013 Record Store Day release The Holiday Sessions HERE.

TMI/TID Meme ❖ six characters: Will Herondale


Steve & Peggy + Pictures

jessicascapshaw asked: ten or eleven

Is your social worker in that horse? —Will Graham (via nbchannibal)


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